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Regularly scheduled maintenance is proven to be the best investment to protect your heating and cooling system.

Air conditioning and heating systems that are maintained annually experience considerably fewer breakdowns. Maintained systems work at peak efficiency year in and year out.

Just take a look at what can happen if an air conditioning system is neglected. Actually, there is nothing better for your heating and air conditioning system than having a tune up each year. You'll enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your system is saving you money on your utility bills every time it comes on.

AC Maintenance Tips

1 To ensure efficient operation, check filters every month. Clean or replace as needed.
2 Have annual system maintenance service performed one month before the cooling season begins.
3 Keep the condensing unit free of debris.
4 Trim shrubs and plants near condensing unit to ensure proper air flow/circulation.
5 Bent condensing unit fins can be straightened with a fine comb.
6 Water leaks into the walls or ceiling. Make sure the drain line is not restricted and condensation drains freely.
7 Unit constantly cycles on and off. Call a qualified professional to clean the evaporator unit and fan.
8 Air conditioner doesn't make air cold enough.Keep area around the exterior condensing unit clear of leaves, bushes and other obstructions to ensure adequate airflow.
9 Clean or replace air filter. Create shade for the unit.
10 Secure the insulation firmly to the suction line (large line) and replace any worn-out insulation.


1 A dirty filter or dirty indoor coil can result in "ice ups" of the indoor coil. Ice ups will block the flow of cool air into the space and contributes to coil and compressor failure.
2 Always follow directions on cleanser can and use only as directed.
3 A dirty outdoor coil can impede the ability of the coil to give up the heat collected inside. Shrubs, fencing, etc. can reduce air circulation around the outdoor coils, and have similar effect as a dirty coil. Allowing either condition to exist for a long period can cause compressor failure.
4 Dirt is an air conditioner's enemy. Dirt acts as a thermal insulator and robs efficiency - ultimately driving up the cost of operation.